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When will I get My Flu or Covid Booster Vaccine? Posted on 18 Oct 2021

Why has there been a delay in Flu vaccine clinics?

The Flu Vaccine Suppliers experienced delays with vaccine deliveries. They had to amend majority of deliveries and could not confirm dates until a week before delivery therefore this had a knock on effect on our usually smooth planning for flu clinics.

Where is our Vaccine administration site?

The 8 Practices of Symphonie PCN all come together to help deliver the Flu Vaccines and Covid Boosters At

MKM Stadium (formerly KC Stadium)
Walton Street
Hull, HU3 6HU


If you are genuinely housebound Symphonie Home Visiting Team will be in touch to arrange your vaccinations. The team are also administering vaccinations in all our care homes.

Why isn’t this taking place in my own surgery?

This is to ensure a safe way of working, for both you and staff, and due to regulations booster vaccines cannot be administered at a surgery.
By doing it this way it doesn’t impact on the normal surgery GP or nurse provision.

How will I be contacted to book?

Firstly, texts are sent to all those that have mobile details on their medical records. Do not worry if you cannot operate this text as you will also be contacted via telephone. There is no need to contact your surgery as we will be in touch with you. Sometimes these text show as coming from one of sites called Wolseley Medical.

Please click the link to book ONE appointment. At the appointment you will be offered both the Flu Vaccine and Covid 19 Booster. Its your choice to have both or either. NHSE and JCVI have deemed it safe and effective to have both vaccines on the same day.

All patients without a mobile will contacted via telephone by a team working on behalf of Symphonie PCN and your own surgery.

When is it my turn?

We are prioritising vaccine for the elderly and most at clinical need.
We are also trying to coordinate so you only need to attend once for both vaccines.

If you have had a second covid vaccination you will be called up 6 months after for the booster.

If you have not had a covid vaccine, or not due a booster for a while you will be called to attend for Flu vaccine however, we are holding drop-in sessions taking place in November and we will let you know the dates shortly.

Please be patient

Our health services and telephone systems are under enormous pressure, and we need to keep phones clear for normal health care needs.
Please be patient we will contact you when it’s your turn.

Please wait to be contacted

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